The story of Pan Am is essentially an adventure story... one of the greatest of the 20th century. Full of breathtaking innovations, romantic destinations, magnificent flying boats, incredible wartime courage, and labyrinthian governmental intrigue, its saga both inspires and offers lessons for our current generation.

Pan Am not only offered the world to every American citizen, it opened the horizons for peoples and nations around the globe. Like the aspirations of today's internet era, Pan Am built bridges that joined people. But unlike the internet's more antiseptic "virtual" journey, Pan Am odyssey would be in large measure written with very real blood and sweat.

Get caught up in this intoxicating dream by exploring the Pan Am adventure story through movie clips, still photos, and an interactive timeline. This site is the prototype for the online educational outreach component of the Pan Am Documentary Project and we will be adding features to this area regularly.



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